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Apologies for the change in format. I wanted to accommodate Joan Peters’ write-up of the trip to France in full (see page 2).

Apart from France I understand that quite a few members went to the Surrey Branch's BBQ last Thursday, enjoying a (or should I say the) sunny summer evening and a great BBQ. Ron Pile won Best Meriden for his Trophy.

Unfortunately the weather was less brilliant at the Claygate Flowershow where 15 bikes were on display last Sunday.

Before I forget it … Welcome back Brian Benn.   ;-)



Up-Coming Events:


24-Jul-07, Club Run

Leaving Princess of Wales @ 8.00 p.m. SHARP going to The Anchor, Pyrford Lock.


Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.


29-Jul-07, Old Fossils
                  (Horndean) Run

Leave Charrington Bowl, Tolworth 9.00 a.m.


Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.


04-Aug-07, BBQ & Bike Show

@ Princess of Wales from 3.00 p.m.

Rock'n Roll disco from 6.30 p.m.


Friends and family welcome.


About the club:


Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club


We are the founder branch of the TOMCC, founded in 1949 by a group of Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts in the South London area. To this day we hold regular meets and organise and participate in a wide range of activities such as runs (local, national and international) and country shows. And most importantly we enjoy our bikes in the company of like-minded people.


For more information also see our website or just come along to one of our club meets.




Princess of Wales

From 8.30 pm

98 Morden Road

Runs leave the pub at 8.00pm sharp

London SW19 3BP

every 4th Tuesday of the month (April-Sept.)

020 8542 0573

Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.


Club Contacts:



Mog Pharoah

020 8947 7727 (day)



Malcolm Orpin

020 8640 2608



Doddie Kent

020 8660 5227


Membership Secretary

Dave Kent



Show Secretary

John Flower

020 8942 9976


Social Secretary

Bob Simmonds

020 86690921


Runs Leader

Brian Peters

01737 551762



Robin Maynard

020 8224 7421


TT Editor

Claudia Nacke

077 342 95737


Website Administrator

Bill Vallance


MSL early summer trip to Bretagne – Joan Peters


Brian and I started our holiday on Friday, 1 June with a day at Epsom Races - Ladies Day and came away from the bookies in credit.

On Saturday afternoon we left home for Portsmouth for the ferry to Saint Malo.  After a pleasant dinner we retired to our cabin – Brian on the top bunk – and awoke about an hour before docking. 

Yogi and Jim travelled from Dunkirk and Mog, Tim and Charlie went to Calais on the Friday and Stopped at a friend of Tim’s. Paul came on a different ferry to Calais and came straight through.

John, Mike, Gerry and Mack went to Dieppe on Sunday.

We decided to travel the direct route from St Malo, which was about 90 miles to the gite.  We stopped after about 65 miles for a coffee and cake (not very nice and the toilets even worse).

We arrived at the little village of Lanrivain and followed instructions (or tried to) -  “Find the bar and the corrugated roof opposite” – what corrugated roof?    We rang Yogi who turned up in a few minutes laughing.  The corrugated roof had been replaced.

The gite was about two kilometres from the village, through narrow lanes -  this was literally green laning – the lanes were covered in grass.

Roger and Linda, our hosts, live in a small manor house and the gite twenty yards from the house had been a derelict stone out-building that they renovated to accommodate eight people.  Our gite was a little further away but still within the twenty-eight acres that are part of Roger and Linda’s estate.  This gite accommodates six people.  Although there was only one bathroom we had no problems.  That evening Yogi and Jim cooked hamburgers on the BBQ.

The next evening Yogi decided to cook a beef casserole.  Just as well he did.  At about 6.00 pm a call came from the Dieppe contingency to say that Mac, who has problems with circulation to one of his hands, could no longer handle the controls safely.  They were at St Briec, about an hour away.  Jim took Yogi’s van and Mog and Paul accompanied him.  By the time they all got back the casserole was real tender.

The main entertainment was the bar at Lanrivain run by Didier.  Jim has big problems with the French names and the bar owner became known as Didlies.  We all had trips down there at various time during the week and Didier would stay open all the time somebody was buying – needless to say that he had many late nights that week with the help of the MSL. 

We could not believe how black the nights were there, when we left the bar it was quite frightening until somebody turned on the lights on the bikes.  However, on Friday night this was not so – they turned on the streetlights.  Obviously they take environmental issues seriously or they are too mean to spend money on too much electricity. 

During the week Charlie and Chris arrived in their camper and Brian and I went out with them in the camper – on the day that it rained so we were all right Jack.

Roger took us out for a ride around the area and we all had a good day – the countryside is beautiful and lush.

Yogi did quite a lot of cooking, either in the well-equipped kitchens or on the BBQ and on the Thursday night Roger and Linda arranged for a night with both savoury and sweet crêpes and the local cider.  Didier’s girlfriend came with her accordion and played Breton folk music and Roger’s daughter and Linda showed us how to do the local dances.  All got up, including Yogi and a good night was had by all.

Charlie Goddard (Big Charlie) loved driving combinations and as Roger had a couple of old ones Charlie, Chris in the sidecar and Jim on the back drove down to the bar.  As you are probably aware Charlie seldom drinks when he is driving – not that night. He, Chris and Jim were all extremely merry.   Chris was giggling and Charlie screeching, then they got onto the combination.  Mog was going to lead the way as the lights on the combi were poor; Mog never got the chance – Charlie was away, with Mog and Brian, with me on the back, trying to keep up.  After a few hundreds of yards Mog waved Brian through.  As Mog said it was like the keystone cops.  Charlie roaring with laughter and Jim, arms and legs waving trying to keep the sidecar wheels on the road and preparing to jump off at any time.  Mog’s excuse for waving Brian through was that he didn’t want to be the first on the scene to pick up the bodies.  I was not comfortable on the back of Brian as he had to drive close so as to give the combi some light though with hindsight I’m not so sure it was needed, Charlie was well lit himself.

We all enjoyed the holiday although it was not  4*.  The accommodation was good, our hosts friendly and bikers themselves.  The gites were well equipped and clean and the company pleasant.  This area is ideal for driving on old bikes as some of the roads are picturesque and narrow – not for superbiking.

We again started our homeward journey on different days.  John, Mike and Gerry left a day earlier as they, like Mac, had found the outward journey too long for one day and stopped overnight near Caen.  Mog, Tim and Charlie again stopped with Tim’s friend.  Paul went back to Calais where he met Debs and spent a romantic weekend at St Omar with her.

We left Yogi and Jim there as their ferry was not until Sunday and Chris and Charlie stayed a few more days before touring France, Belgium and Germany. 

Mack decided to return with us to St Malo and we left early Saturday morning.  It all went well to begin with then the mist came down – you could not see a hand in front of you.  We mislaid Mac but we all met up on the ferry where we had breakfast and a kip. 

Everybody arrived home safely after an enjoyable trip.  We are looking forward to next year.