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MCN show Middleweight Triumph Spy-Shots

MCN have published pictures of what they claim is Triumph's new middleweight single in on-the-road testing. The tie-up between Triumph and Bajaj (the Indian manufacturing giant) is finally starting to bring machines to market and these could bring a whole load of new customers to the Triumph brand.

Triumph Win 2022 Baja Aragón Trail

Iván Cervantes has taken the Trail category by storm by winning it at the Baja España Aragón event using a Tiger 900 Rally Pro. This is a new category to accommodate production 'Adventure' style machines and show off just what they can do. Iván was over an hour ahead of the second place rider.

TOMCC Day at the NMM

On September 24th, why not come and have a TOMCC day at the National Motorcycle Museum and join in celebrating 50-years of Triumph World Speed Record Breaking. On the day. Norman Hyde will give a talk and hold a question and answer session. TOMCC Members get half-price entry into the museum.

TOMCC Ladies Help Break Record

For the World's Largest Female Biker Meet. It was organised by Moto Advisor who managed to get 1,549 female riders to cross the line at the Triumph Visitors Centre and break the previous world record. Among the participants were several TOMCC Members from around the UK The event raised £9,000 for charity.

Triumph TE-1 Finishes Testing

The development prototype given the name 'TE-1' has now officially completed. The project was set up by Triumph and three other partners (Williams, Integral Powertrain, University of Warwick) to provide information for the future development of electric Triumph motorcycles - the results are impressive.

New Names and New Colours

Triumph have introduced a new set of colours for the summer season over their entire Bonneville range. Not content with that, they are also renaming three of the models in the range. The new names makes it clear what the bikes are at a glance - might they do the same with the Street Triple... we'll see.

Triumph buys out OSET

In a bid to kick-start their enduro and motocross offerings, Triumph have acquired the OSET electric off-road motorcycle manufacturer based in the UK. OSET offer electric off-road machines suitable for trials competitions for ages 5 to adult. This will also bring a whole new set of generations to Triumph.

Events in July

TOMCC Branches put on a lot of events throughout the year so why not go along to one or two... or more? Some are open to all bikers but be aware that some are Members Only. If you're not a Member then you can always join on the day (though drop the Branch an email or phone call before to confirm) or online.

TOMCC Membership with a Brand New Triumph

From Triumph Escondido in California USA. If you buy a Brand New Triumph from them and join the TOMCC (online) then and there, they will deduct the Membership fee from the price of the motorcycle meaning that you get the first year of Membership for free. Now that's an offer worth buying a Triumph for.

TOMCC Branch Merchandise

As it says, if you place an order for more than £20 of Branch Merchandise before the 10th June then you will get a free neck tube! What's more, they will print the branch logo on the neck tube also! You lucky people. This only applies to branches who have elected to sell their merchandise through Redline.

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