Thunderbird Times

Newsletter of the Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club


Hi All. Unfortunately I cannot make it tonight but thankfully Doddie agreed to take care of the delivery of this issue. Thanks a lot for that.


I hear the Southern Bike Show was very well attended and MSL had 10 bikes on display (although rather squashed in), which generated a lot of interest.


The Cowpie Show was equally well attended with about 10 MSL bikes on display. I understand that –in view of the weather forecast- Bob had organised for his gazebo and some chairs to be taken to the show ground. Unfortunately he got involved in an accident (his reaction being a lot quicker than that of the car behind him – the car with the gazebo) and couldn’t make it to the show as a result. However, has anybody got a spare mudguard for a Thunderbird?

Rumour has it a certain Regalia person had a lot of fun playing with armoured vehicles … well Robin, as long as you don’t desert the Triumph Club to join up with them …


Malcolm is currently designing some trophies for the bike show. If you have any spare parts / regalia bits and pieces or similar things which would make a nice decoration for one of the trophies, please get in touch with him as soon as possible.


And last but not least: Does anybody know how the trip to Holland went?



Up-Coming Events:


23’May’06, Club Run

Club Run to ‘Surrey Oaks’ in Newdigate.

Starting @ ‘Princess of Wales’ @ 8.00 p.m.


Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.



04’Jun’06, Show

Woking Hospice Classic Show.

See message board for details or meet at show.



11’Jun’06, Rally

Eastbourne Lions 7th Charity MCC Rally.

Meet @ Godstone ponds @ 9.30 a.m.



13’Jun’06, Club Run

For details see message board nearer the date.







Miscellaneous: Please, provide the editor with plenty of input to fill this section in future editions.


In light of the confusion at the last run I have compiled a quick summary of the

Runs Code of Practise as a little refresher for everyone:


1.      Have a full tank of petrol.

2.      No one is to overtake the Runs Leader.

3.      If you are right behind the Runs Leader and he / she either turns left or right and / or is pointing at you and then a spot by the side of the road: 



This is your corner.


Do not leave this corner until released by the Tail End Charlie(s)!


However, when taking your corner, please ensure that you do not compromise your own safety, the safety of the Run or of any member of the public. Please also ensure that you are easily visible for Run Participants when they reach the corner (i.e. try to park at the corner or slightly before, not several meters behind the turning), especially if the corner is surrounded by hedges, walls, etc.


About the club:


Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club


We are the founder branch of the TOMCC, founded in 1949 by a group of Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts in the South London area. To this day we hold regular meets and organise and participate in a wide range of activities such as runs (local, national and international) and country shows. And most importantly we enjoy our bikes in the company of like-minded people.


For more information also see our website or just come along to one of our club meets.




Princess of Wales

From 8.30 pm

98 Morden Road

Runs leave the pub at 8.00pm sharp

London SW19 3BP

every 4th Tuesday of the month (April-Sept.)

020 8542 0573

Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.


Club Contacts:



Mog Pharoah

020 8947 7727 (day)



Malcolm Orpin

020 8640 2608



Doddie Kent

020 8660 5227


Membership Secretary

Dave Kent



Show & Social Secretary

John Flower

020 8942 9976


Runs Leader

Brian Peters

01737 551762



Robin Maynard

020 8224 7421


TT Editor

Claudia Nacke

077 342 95737


Website Administrator

Bill Vallance