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Newsletter of the Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club



The last Tuesday Club Run of this year to the Skimmington Castle was very well attended with over 40 bikes and riders. I understand the Pub laid on a nice spread and everyone had a good time. Well, everyone apart from poor Geoff who had a little mishap in the car-park, which led to his almost new Honda (to him anyway) having to be picked up by a recovery truck.


Several of our club, Bill Gordon, Tricia, Kelvin and friends set off on what was the annual weekend to little Bonneville in the Ardennes in Belgium. Reputedly it was the original home of the French count who went on to name the Bonneville Flats in the US. Now that the traditional bike rally has been cancelled it is really a “PU” trip to the Festival of Walloon in Namur, a mediaeval market city nearby, where all manner of drink, food, music, dancing, merriment and substances are available at free or give-away prices over the whole weekend.  Everybody had a great time except…Bill went on “old iron” again and for the third year running broke down on the way back. This time he had to abandon his T120 at Dunkirque thanks to Norfolk Lines and Carol Nash – more of the sorry saga later.


Mog, Yogi, Tim, Surrey's Andy and the two Charlies went on a quick 500 mile trip to pester a small town in Brittany for the week. I understand the theme of the trip evolved mainly around the three Cs, namely countryside, coffee & cognac. Once again our dear Chairman managed to live up to expectations and decorated his bike with a few slabs of said local countryside. Don’t worry; he is okay and the first to admit that the dirt and grass might have actually improved the Kawasaki's design.


I am currently running through the process of re-registering my Thunderbird in the UK. A very slow and painstaking exercise. If you are seriously bored or can't sleep at night I will of course be happy to tell you the whole outrageously boring story. However, if you are planning to go through a similar exercise, please let me know as I may be able to give some ideas.



Up-Coming Events:


7’Nov’06, Bob's Quiz Night

Bob will be hosting a Quiz Night on Tuesday, 7th November 2006 at the Princess of Wales.


There will be 10 questions from 6 areas of interest (not just motorcycles).


Entry is £1 per person, winning team takes the pot.



24'Nov'06, MSL D&D

MSL Dinner & Dance at Lanny's Restaurant.


Please contact Malcolm for details & tickets.



28’Nov’06 – 5'Dec'06

International Motorcycle & Scooter Show at the NEC in Birmingham.


There will be a Club trip on Saturday, 2nd of December. Please contact Mog for details.


I understand places are nearly all taken, so you better be quick.




Miscellaneous: Please, provide the editor with plenty of input to fill this section in future editions.


We normally have a few weekend runs throughout the winter, such as the Last Chance Animal Rescue run and the run to Deen City Farm's open day.


I am currently not aware if / what date anything like this is planned for this year. Please advise. 


About the club:


Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club


We are the founder branch of the TOMCC, founded in 1949 by a group of Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts in the South London area. To this day we hold regular meets and organise and participate in a wide range of activities such as runs (local, national and international) and country shows. And most importantly we enjoy our bikes in the company of like-minded people.


For more information also see our website or just come along to one of our club meets.




Princess of Wales

From 8.30 pm

98 Morden Road

Runs leave the pub at 8.00pm sharp

London SW19 3BP

every 4th Tuesday of the month (April-Sept.)

020 8542 0573

Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.


Club Contacts:



Mog Pharoah

020 8947 7727 (day)


Malcolm Orpin

020 8640 2608


Doddie Kent

020 8660 5227

Membership Secretary

Dave Kent


Show Secretary

John Flower

020 8942 9976

Social Secretary

Bob Simmonds

020 86690921

Runs Leader

Brian Peters

01737 551762


Robin Maynard

020 8224 7421

TT Editor

Claudia Nacke

077 342 95737

Website Administrator

Bill Vallance