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January 2008 - here’s hoping you all had a jolly Christmas and a happy New Year.


Firstly, we’d like to convey a warm welcome to anyone reading our Website who may be thinking of joining us.  Just come along to one of our meetings and join us at the Princess of Wales – great pub – great Club – we’d love to see you.


22.12 – Xmas Dinner/Princess of Wales – a huge thanks must go out to Debbie and her team. The food was delicious, just kept on coming and the service was excellent.  If you couldn’t make it this year put it on your calendar for next year – you really can’t afford to miss it.  Thanks Debbie.


26.12 – Boxing Day Run/Royal Oak, Leatherhead – 11 bikes and three lady passengers plus Mog & Mac by car opted for some fresh air instead of snoozing in front of the box.  Big cheer for Ron who was the only old bike rider on his TR6 while the majority of riders were out on their T’Birds and Legends.  Ian did his best to wake up most of Surrey with his Rocket III, while his wife Tanya, joined us for her first Club run on her 125cc Yamaha.  She more than kept up with the big boys and on this performance shouldn’t have any problems with her forthcoming test.  The generosity of the Landlady Tina and her husband Andy was exceptional. They gave us a warm welcome, provided us with sandwiches and goodies and after warming up with hot coffee we soon got down to enjoying ourselves.  Andy took photos of our visit, was given a copy of our December Newsletter and has put both on their Website – then thought how he would enjoy reading Brian and Blossom’s report on the USA Trip in September with the hired Harleys etc. so e-mailed him a copy of that too – call them up on their busy Website and have a look.  Andy asked if he could have copies of our monthly Newsletters in future as he would like to do this on a regular basis - his wish is my command!!!  All in all a very enjoyable run thanks to Malcolm our Runs Leader.


1.1.08 – New Year’s Day Run/Surrey Oaks, Newdigate – 15 riders gathered at Ryka’s on this wet start for breakfast & coffee – a very wet Brian arrived worse for wear in his jeans – it is January Brian!! and informed us that it wasn’t raining in Coooooulsdon.!!  Tanya again on her 125 Yam supported by Ian did her usual impression of the “ROAD RUNNER” – she’s loving biking – go GIRL POWER!!  Arriving at the Pub, Yogi plus Mog and Mac were there plus the BSA and Vintage Clubs.  Thanks must go out to our brave Soldier Brian our Runs Leader, for a very enjoyable ride through country lanes to reach our destination.


12.1.08 – Rock & Roll Night/Buffet, Princess of Wales – 30 attended this event, including 5 from the Surrey Club. I must say Lurch looked rather dapper in his very smart ensemble.  Simon did a duet with Bob the dog – Bob’s barking voice was far superior but poor Bob dog got it in the ear, excuse the pun, and was led away by Debbie.  Glenda (Big Bounce) did her usual bubbly DJ’ing but was disappointed that there were not a lot of people up dancing, this may be because of Debbie’s delicious Buffet - I certainly ate far too much it was so good – thanks goes out to Debbie and her Mum for the spread and to Doddie and the MSL Club for laying this on for us.


27.1.08 – “TALMAG” Pre-65 Trial Hungry Hill – event cancelled by MOD for Army training purposes.




10 February 2008                           Bristol Classic MCC Show Shepton Mallet by Coach

- if interested see list on Notice Board


24 February 2008                           Sammy Miller’s Museum by Coach – if interested see list on Notice Board





Belated congratulations to Donna from the Surrey Club who passed her driving test.  


Malcolm has taken early retirement – it’s amazing Malcolm how you ever found time to go to work.  Good luck from all of us and this gives us the opportunity to thank you for all you do for the Club – just enjoy.  Linda has also reduced her working week to four days so they can both join us if our day runs take off!!  Linda e-mailed with wonderful news - their daughter Jo had a baby boy called Tyler who was born on 17 January weighing in at 6lb 1oz (two and a half weeks early) their very first grandchild.  Pictures please!!!!  Many congratulations from all of us.

Four go mad in Scotland!  By Bob Simmonds.

As many of you probably know Scotland has a history of pulling out all the stops when it comes to The New Year celebrations. In Edinburgh they close down all the roads leading to the centre of town, put up lots of lights and set up a huge fun-fair. This is in preparation for the 3 day event called Hogmanay. Knowing that Hogmanay was a huge event, Bob and Frances decided it would be a good time to visit their friends, Sheila and Kevin, who had re-located to Linlithgow near Edinburgh, so leaving their 2 able and grown up sons behind they set off on their journey North.


First they headed for the beautiful city of York. It was here that they decided to break their journey by spending one night in a luxury hotel close to York Minster. Despite their careful perusal of the internet and assurances that paying such a vast sum of money for bed, breakfast and evening meal, meant the hotel would be luxurious, imagine their horror when they discovered this was not the case. Yes the bed was King-size (very important to such healthy people). Yes it was a suite of rooms which greeted them. However, the bathroom was very poorly equipped and decorated. The bath was slightly dirty, with a very interesting shower curtain with different coloured ducks on it. The shower was a mixer tap which refused to work properly when Frances took the first shower. Despite Bob’s best efforts he could not get the flow of water to be warm enough for Frances to wash her hair nor shower in the fashion with which she is accustomed. Frances in her frustration screamed and shouted so loudly when the water went from hot to cold that Bob went deaf in one ear for the rest of the trip, (actually poor Bob had a bad cold, which was probably the cause of his deafness. Although, one wonders if selective deafness in the vicinity of Frances’ loud moaning was the case).


The following day the couple continued their journey North and arrived in Linlithgow on Sunday 30 December. Their friends, Sheila and Kevin, were delighted to see them having

planned a series of events that would see the four friends through to the new year of 2008. The friends headed into Edinburgh, on that Sunday evening, to see the spectacle of 150 people with Bag pipes marching through the streets of the fair city. The sound of the bagpipes stirred these faint hearted English people and, as the band went passed, they joined with the thousands of others marching alongside, clapping and singing as they went. What a sight it was to see!


The next evening was New Year’s Eve which started off in a local pub with folk dancers and plenty of Scottish cheer. As Bob had gone completely deaf by 11.00pm the four friends decided to go back to the house and open a bottle of champagne. Once back in the house talk turned to the differences between New Year in London and Hogmanay in Scotland. The friends discovered that fire-works played an important part in England’s celebrations, but in Scotland few people had fire-works at home. Suddenly Kevin remembered they had a huge old fire-work in their garage. They had planned to use it some 4 years ago in celebration of Sheila’s dad’s 80th. Unfortunately because of its size a huge amount of space was needed to let it off safely. As their garden was very small, the friends put their heads together to come up with a cunning plan which would let the Scottish neighbours know these 4 English people knew how to celebrate New Year. However, it was generally felt that if the firework was let off in the vicinity of houses, the Scots might think they were at war with the English once again. So the 4 decided to let off the firework at the local Korean War Memorial on the outskirts of town in a field.


The 4 arrived in the lay-by near the memorial at 11.30pm, Kevin took charge of the fire-work, whilst Sheila carried the torch. Frances made sure they had matches and Bob wrapped up warm with a scarf and hat (his cold was quite bad!!!!). On entering the Memorial, Kevin and Frances ascertained the suitability of the car park in which to half bury the afore-mentioned firework. (This had to behalf buried for Health & Safety reasons). Bob the Health and Safety advisor gave the go ahead to proceed with the planned explosion. Suddenly the torch which Sheila had been carrying went out. “Quiet” she shouted - a police car had slowed down to see what was going on, they had spotted the car in the lay-by. The 4 held their breath. The police drove on. Sheila shone the torch again. Phew they hadn’t seen people in the car park. The 4 gathered together and checked that everything was ready. They had the Torch, They had the matches, Kevin asked “whose got the firework?” There was an empty silence, they had forgotten the firework. By now Bob and Frances had got the giggles and were crying with laughter, with Bob having a coughing fit. Kevin went back for the firework. Sheila could be heard muttering to herself  and we‘ve only had one alcoholic drink between us.”


By now it was almost 12.00 midnight so the four friends quickly half buried the firework. Kevin made everyone stand well back and lit the fuse, (the Health and Safety advisor was crying too much to be of any use). Whooosh, the firework exploded into the night. It must have gone up about 150feet. Brilliant silver, blue and green stars lit the sky, accompanied by very loud bangs. “Happy New Year” the 4 friends shouted as they made their way back to the car, sadly not a Scotsman in sight, just a few sheep wondering what on earth these mad English people were doing.



Bob would like to thank all those who attended his 40th Birthday party in December.  Frances and I spent most of the day preparing food but after meeting and greeting many old friends we missed out on all the food, apart from a handful of crisps. Mog was “trapped” in the kitchen next to the alcohol along with other MSL members “shame”, Kelvin was held hostage in the lounge by a 3 year old and Jim caught “Saturday Night Fever”.  The last guest to arrive and leave was Paul Skeets – no change there then!!  It was Paul who gave me this Birthday card which I found so amusing and wanted to share with you:





Thanks once again for making it a good night.  See you all again on my 50th..


Thanks to Bob and Frances for a very good read and for taking the trouble of putting pen to paper - more of this please from all of you – keep your Editor happy!!


Mog gave me some old Thunderbird Times October 1991 and January 2000, how different they looked then and what a good read - didn’t recognise any of the names on the Committee. If any of you have any more old editions I would love to see them.  Mog thought it would be a good idea if I took out bits and pieces of interest for our Newsletter which would be a blast from the past and I wouldn’t want to disappoint him – this was from the January 2000 issue: it appears that Mog as a youngster used to be in the Sea Cadets as a Bugler! Can you imagine that little face, lips all puckered up…?  Sweeeeet!!!


Remember to look at the Notice Board for extra news and trips.


Save your old stamps for Mog.

Last but not least – keep your Editor busy.

June F

About the club:


Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club


We are the founder branch of the TOMCC, founded in 1949 by a group of Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts in the South London area. To this day we hold regular meets and organise and participate in a wide range of activities such as runs (local, national and international) and country shows and most importantly we enjoy our bikes in the company of like-minded people.


For more information also see our website or just come along to one of our club meets.





Princess of Wales

From 8.30 pm

98 Morden Road

Runs leave the pub at 8.00pm sharp

London SW19 3BP

every 4th Tuesday of the month (April-Sept.)

020 8542 0573

Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.


Club Contacts:



Mog Pharoah

020 8947 7727 (day)


Malcolm Orpin

020 8640 2608


Doddie Kent

020 8660 5227

Membership Secretary

Dave Kent


Show Secretary

John Flower

020 8942 9976

Social Secretary

Bob Simmonds

020 86690921

Runs Leader

Brian Peters

01737 551762


Robin Maynard

020 8224 7421

TT Editor

June Flower

Website Administrator