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February 2008 Newsletter


10.2 - Bristol Classic Show Shepton Mallet Coach Trip – it was a good day out and the boys were pleased to see the Triumph Bristol Branch doing their bit, but it seems the highlight of the event was Dave who needed the little boy’s room on the way home and was gone for ages: a search party was chosen and after looking in every ditch and no stones left unturned they found him waiting outside the ladies loo for Doddie.  OK, fair enough you may be thinking, love has no bounds, how gentlemanly of him, what a star!!  The only problem was Doddie opted to stay at home!!!! Many thanks to Mac and Jim who shared the driving.


24.2 - Sammy Miller’s Museum Coach Trip – 12 members including 3 ladies were treated to a fantastic day out.  We had a breakfast stop at the Devils Punchbowl Café and after meeting John Ryder (on his bike) at the M3 we continued on to Sammy Millers and managed to get discount group tickets after a bit of haggling by Frances.  The ladies were given the Museum Quiz and Teddy Bear Hunt sheet to keep them amused and promptly got down to it. They succeeded in getting full marks with a prize of 3 Sammy Miller signed Certificates (don’t ask how!).  Two of the questions were, “Find Army Douglas”.  Frances misread this as “Find Amy Douglas” so we were looking for a woman called “Amy Douglas”! and the second question was “What colour is the Seeley (which is a racing bike).  Linda looked up at the Ceiling and said “It’s white”!!  We had lunch in the Bashley Manor Tea Rooms (part of the Museum) which we all enjoyed before heading home.  Thanks goes out to Bob our driver who did a splendid job.



Double Whammo - Tanya has passed her Bike Test.  Tanya reported that Ian had hurt his back and couldn’t be there to support her, so Rob very kindly stepped in and took her for a practice run making sure she was spot on for her Test. Tanya would like to say a huge thanks to Rob for his support.  The other extra special news is - they’re going to be a Mummy and a Daddy, baby due middle of August.  By all accounts when Tanya told Ian he said, “Please don’t make me sell my Rocket!!” After attending A&E he is, of course, delighted.  Many congratulations Tanya for passing your Test and double congratulations to you both.


Would you like a holiday break in Wales? Look on the Notice Board - (if interested let Ian know).



Kelvin, John Flower, “Rocket Man” Ian, Paul Skeet and myself met up at Rykas’s for a Sunday morning ride. Rob was there on his Honda USA 1000 with mega-exhausts and set off for “Destination Triumph”, a new dealership in Washington, West Sussex.


The convoy of 4 Triumph’s and 2 Honda’s travelled along the A24 - Ian and Kelvin’s Rockets found it hard to keep up with Bob on his 865 “America”.  We arrived at the Dealership to be greeted by a very attractive young lady from “Triumph” and asked “Which Club are you from?”….“We’re the “Mighty South London, as displayed on the front of Kelvin’s bike”!!! It must have worked because she then invited us into the Showroom for tea and coffee for “free”.


After looking around the bikes and clothing we set off for breakfast in the Village of Steyning.  We were made very welcome in the Café/Bakery offering freshly baked bread for bacon sandwiches, delicious!


We thought a photo was in order and Bob asked a passer by to take a photo of six bikers outside the Gents toilets!!  Lovely!



Ian and Rob carried on to Brighton, Bob, John and Kelvin headed home and Paul headed into London to celebrate the “Chinese New Year”.


A good ride, good weather but most of all good company.


Thanks Bob


Now for something completely different…




LET’S GET RIGHT- (The Prints and the Purpose)  from Lurch alias Slouch

Lurch is the fictional manservant to The Addams Family created by cartoonist Charles Addams. He is a tall, shambling, lugubrious butler who somewhat resembles Frankenstein’s monster (as played by Boris Karloff) and (on the television series) has a deep, resonant voice.  Although fully capable of normal speech, Lurch sometimes communicates via simple inarticulate moans, which, much like the dialogues of Cousin Itt, the Addamses have no trouble understanding.  Ironically, the Addamses often comment that Lurch is eloquent and vivacious.


Lurch is often seen playing the harpsichord at virtuoso level.  The scenes in the original television series with Lurch playing the harpischord was Lurch playing on a dead keyboard.  The show’s musical director (Vic Mizzy) played the actual tunes.


Originally in the TV series, Lurch was to have no lines.  However, in the pilot Ted Cassidy ad-libbed the line “you rang!” in his trademark deep voice, and it was so impressive it led to Lurch getting more dialogue: he ultimately had three lines in the pilot.  In the films, however, Lurch was totally mute.


Much of Lurch’s history, including his first name and the nature of his relationship to any other Addamses was originally unknown.  “Lurch” was revealed during the original TV series to be a surname as there was “Mother Lurch” who appeared in one episode.  She addresses Lurch as “Sonny”, which could either be a parental nickname or his actual first name.  It was stated in Addams Family Reunion that Lurch is part-Addams.  This plays into his being a Frankenstein’s monster-like creation.  The only definite body part that is from an Addams is his heart.  Lurch’s mother appears to be a physically normal elderly woman, although she does not see anything unusual about the Addams family or their home, with the exception of - “Thing”.


Good………now that is sorted……….


SLOUCH BSA (South London) is a Backline Roadie currently resting (happy Peters). Spending his formative years as a Gay Icon for the New Malden branch of the Special Air Service (SAS), he went on to become one of the most famous Ballet dancers the world has yet seen.  Refusing the offer from the Bolshoi” St Peterburg to perform with them, he stayed loyal to his roots and would dance for no one but the Mitcham Morris men.  After the horror of the accident where he lost the use of his groin, the next decade was spent as a linebacker for the New England Patriots.



His days now are mainly spent as a semi recluse in St Moritz shunning the media but, on occasions spending some time with the local Scouting troop using his time as a male model to good use in the role of Woggle master.


Editor’s Comments:

Is the MSL Club happy with this explanation? Can we help him with this horrible illness? Does he remain our Lurch or does he become our Slouch?  He needs our help NOW before it’s too late!! Your comments please on paper to the Editor.  Keep it clean!


Deep Thoughts by Men while Fishing

Two men fishing and drinking beer.  Roger says, “I think I’m going to divorce my wife – she hasn’t spoken to me in over 2 months.” Frank slowly continuous sipping his beer then thoughtfully says, “You’d better think it over – women like that are hard to find!”





  • Cottage 1 – sleeps 2 adults


  • Cottage 2 - sleeps 4 adults plus 2 small children in the main bedroom doubling up as a family room


  • All bedding provided - bring your own beach towels.


  • A Welcome Pack can be arranged.


For further info see Mike Smith at the Tuesday Club meetings.


Read about Mike’s story BUYING A HOLIDAY HOME IN FRANCE in your March Newsletter.


Kitchen Sink Drama Robin Maynard

A man wakes up in hospital bandaged from head to foot.  The doctor says “You’re going to be OK, but something happened.  Your manhood was chopped off in the accident and we were unable to find it but you’ve got £90,000 compensation and we have the technology to build you a new one that will work even better than the old one - but it doesn’t come cheap – it costs £10,000 an inch, so it’s for you and your wife to decide what size you want and how much you’re prepared to spend.  It’s important she plays a role in the decision.”  The bloke agrees and returns the next day.


 “Have you spoken to your wife?” the doctor asks. 


“I have,” says the bloke.


 “And has she helped you in making your decision?”


“She has,” says the bloke.


 “So what is it?” asks the doctor.


 “We’re having a new kitchen.”……….






Sunday, 9 March 2008                              Pioneer Run to Brighton.  Meet at Epsom Downs for 8 am.


Tuesday, 25 March 2008                          MSL AGM


Sunday, 30 March 2008                            Hendon Bike Safe Show, Hendon Police

                                                                        Driving School - old and new Triumph’s welcome.  MSL Club Stand.  Pre-booking essential - enter your particulars on Notice Board asap.


Tuesday, 1 April 2008                                Bob’s Quiz Night Cash Prize – no need to book just turn up, have fun and support Bob.


Sunday, 13 April 2008                               Last Chance Charlie Goddard Memorial Run - Charlie’s plaque to be unveiled - massive attendance please.  Times and meeting place to be finalised.


Remember to look at the Notice Board for extra news and trips.


Last but not least – keep your Editor busy!

June F



Princess of Wales             From 8.30 pm

98 Morden Road                          Runs leave the pub at 8.00pm sharp

London SW19 3BP                     every 4th Tuesday of the month (April-Sept)

020 8542 0573                            Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol



Chairman                                Mog Pharoah                     020 8947 7727 (day)

Treasurer                                Malcolm Orpin                   020 8640 2608

Secretary                                Doddie Kent                      020 8660 5227

Membership Secretary       Dave Kent                          Ditto

Show Secretary                    John Flower                      020 942 9976

Social Secretary                   Bob Simmonds                 020 8669 0921

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Regalia                                    Robin Maynard                 020 8224 7421

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