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April 2008 Newsletter


21 March 2008 – Good Friday - Copthorne VMCC Run (Roving Reporter Bob Simmons).  After listening to various weather forecasts I thought well why not and made my way to the Red Tree layby soon to be met by Kelvin, Peter, Dean, Gerry and Barbara.  Right, let’s go!! Problemo, nobody knew where we were going or how to get there!! After pondering Gerry said “I know how to get to Copthorne so he was elected ‘Runs Leader’. Big mistake. On arrival in the town, Gerry explained “Well I told you I could get to Copthorne!! So that was that, no VMCC bikes to be seen.  Scratching our heads and staring at each other we opted to ring Mog for directions. 


Back on track we arrived to sample tea and delicious bacon sarnies (now we were feeling much better).  After seeing the old bikes off we had a slow meander home.  Special mention to Dean for turning up from Hemel Hemsptead and not forgetting Barbara who braved the day and took the photo.

Thanks to Bob and Barbara.


Tuesday, 25 March 2008AGM a well attended meeting.  We have a solvent well run club and with the same Committee elected (why change something that works so well!!) will continue to be so.  Thanks goes out to the Committee for all their hard work in 2007 and the Club look forward to a very busy 2008 – well done to you all.


Sunday, 30 March 2008 – Hendon Bike Safe Show – Roving Reporter Dave (Lurch).  So what if there was a little rain in the air.  I must admit that after the golf on Friday or lack of it in my case I did think twice about setting off to Tolworth Bowl on Sunday morning for the Hendon Bike Safe nonsense but it turned out to be a fine day.  A piss poor six of us set off from Tolworth (you know who you are, and we didn’t get lost on the way - a miracle!!!


We arrived on site as the sun came out and indeed stayed out for the rest of the day. We parked up, signed in and Dave/Slouch/Lurch, Jim, Brian P went off to find refreshments and found them in the Police recreation room.  Of course it started to fill up with dayglow covered old bill, so of course Jim starts to berate them for not being out arresting people and being lazy gits etc. etc.  Brian wrestled him out before we became their new statistic in the war against crime. 



Malcolm and Bob had arrived by the time we got back to the bikes.  Lots of stands with stuff for sale, jumping bikes, muddy bikes and the White Helmets, saw dogs chasing men with huge deformed right arms, and spaniels sniffing drugs from stooges.  They had the Wall of Death there – what a fantastic old fashioned treat, as was the treat of seeing the lovely Kelly racing round in the tightest trousers showing off her fab bottom.  I did hang around afterwards to see if she might be interested in going for a drink with a middle aged, boring, fat, toothless idiot from South London but alas she said NO!! 


A good day.  Cheers John.

Thanks Dave.


Tuesday, 1 April 2008 – Bob’s Quiz Night – Another fun evening was had by all with 28 attending.  Bob threw in a few extra brain teasers which we all enjoyed.  Unfortunately the Egg Heads won again with their team Lurch & Friends with a very respectable score of 30.  Well done you lot!!.  Tim’s Team came second with 29 (close call) – perhaps Tim’s Team are the ones who could topple the Egg Heads, and Four Strokes came third with 26. 


Thanks goes out to Bob and Frances for their hard work on the evening and preparing this event for us and to Tracey for helping them out on the evening.  Much enjoyed by all.  You really mustn’t miss the next one!!


Sunday, 20 April 2008 – Last Chance Charlie Goddard Memorial Run - a beautiful sunny day greeted us for this very special occasion. 


Thirty-four riders joined us, including 11 from the 2-Stroke Club, 4 members from the Surrey Club and 1 member from the BSA Club (what happened!!).


We were greeted with Burgers and Hot Dogs, beverages, cakes and goodies all provided and prepared by the Last Chance team and very much enjoyed by all.


Malcolm did his pot collection who said we were very generous and with MSL’s contribution he handed over a cheque for £450 to Last Chance (fantastic support thank you!!!.) Chris also presented them with donations and putting both together came to over £700.


It was so good to see Chris again and her supportive family all of whom were given a warm welcome by Last Chance staff and photos were taken of Chris with Charlie’s Memorial Plaque (see photos below).  Malcolm has taken a few more and will put them on the Notice Board for you all to look at.


I can understand why Charlie gave so much support to this Charity and wanted to play his part in it.  The staff and Organisers at Last Chance are wonderful people and showed their love and gratitude to him in abundance on this warm and memorable occasion in our Charlie’s memory.


Thanks to John Le Fevre our Runs Leader for a fantastic ride through country lanes with beautiful views to our Charlies favourite venue. 


It was truly a perfect day which the MSL Club will never forget.


Malcolm’s photographs of Charlie’s plaque ceremony.




Chris will appreciate this next piece…………

Rumour has it that because it is such a well run, warm and comfortable place with its exceptional 24/7 health care, Doddie is seriously thinking of putting David’s name down as a resident for his old age!!




Tuesday, 22 April 2008 – Club Run – Little London, Albury  39 riders including 4 pillion riders turned up (fantastic support) on this beautiful sunny evening for our first Club run of the season.   The Landlord made us feel welcome and a selection of very tasty sandwiches were handed out.  Dean took one and said “smelly cheese sandwich, my favourite”!! I don’t know what was in mine but it was delicious.  Summing up, good turnout of riders, oldy worldy pub, great atmosphere, good selection of sarnies although some thought a few more would not have gone amiss. Thanks to Brian our Runs Leader for yet another enjoyable ride.



THEIR JOURNEY FROM NEW ZEALAND TO MORDEN Debbie & Terry Urwin  Princess of Wales

Both from New Zealand

Arrived UK June 1979

Married October 1977 – no children

Lived in Jersey for 6 months - BBQ Restaurant and T/Away

Trained at Brewery Tap in Wandsworth

Arrived at Princess of Wales Pub November 1985 as Managers

Took Lease to become Tenants June 2006

Bob is Boxer No.5, Bruno, Lucy, Sophie and BJ



Good Beer Guide 2007 and 2008

Finalist CAMRA SW Pub of the Year 2008

Pub leased by Youngs 1876 and then bought 1919.

Mid 90’s pub threatened with closure – Youngs to sell to Car Showroom but was saved by Council who refused permission for change of usage.


1997following Princess Diana’s death pub renamed Princess of Wales – first one changed by Youngs!  Suggested by customers and agreed by John Young and had lots of TV and Radio coverage at the time.


Pub is twinned with Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregan, USA since 1988.  Their Dart Team came over as guests as the then Youngs Darts Leaque.  We had a friendly at our pub and became firm friends.  We have lots of group visits to them and they regularly visit us.


If you are ever in Portland, Oregan, check them out, mention our names and I guarantee you a warm welcome and a beer!  Don Younger is the main man in charge and has just celebrated his 30th anniversary as owner.  Horse Brass has lots of real ales and English themed food menu – YUMMY!!!


The oil painting of Diana in our Saloon Bar was painted by local Oregan artist James Macko who is a regular at the Horse Brass and a good friend and was presented to us in person the day we had our party to celebrate name change in 1997.


The pub itself has changed very little in the time we have been here.  Still a lovely traditional English regulars pub but unfortunately the area, especially the Trading Estate, has changed considerably over the last 10 years.  Thank God for the regulars.


We have had lots of fun times and hope to be here for a while longer before we head back to New Zealand with Bob!



Thanks you two –- it certainly is a regulars pub and much enjoyed by the MSL Club.  This gives us an opportunity to thank you both, nothing is ever too much trouble and we always get a very warm welcome.  The very best traditional English pub which there are too few of – we’re a very lucky Club!! 




Sorry I am a bit late.

I would like to thank all you guys who gave me the usual send off at Epsom Downs at the start of the Pioneer run.  It was very much appreciated.  The ride this year was very good, both from machine and the weather. The new brake blocks made the bike slow down a little better. Only one red light this year.  My start time was 8.50, the coffee stop 10.00-10.30, Brighton at 11.35.  Job for next year, new valve springs.  Lastly, would like to thank a few of our members who gave me a huge welcome back at the finish.  

Thanks Bernard.






Visit to Tadworth Children’s Hospital, Tadworth

Please note: we have been informed that any photographs taken on the day need permission from the children’s parents before we can put them in next month’s Newsletter or on the Notice Board. Please would you e-mail any you may have taken and would like us to see them to Malcolm on, or give them to him at the Tuesday meetings as you know I am very limited on my skills re the puter.  He will then email over to me the photos we can use.  Many tah’s.


TO LET Mike & Dot Smith

Please note we now have an online website for our Vendee Cottages in The South of France near Challans, south of Nantes ( – see your February Newsletter for details.  Brochure plus colour photos on Notice Board.


Now for something completely different!!


                   IRISH SAT NAVMalcolm Orpin



Mog touched on this subject at the AGM – your Editor would really appreciate your help.

Volunteer Roving Reporters Required for your MSL Newsletter – there are now quite a few Members who are sending me bits and bobs to put in the Newsletter and I thank you, but if there are any Members who would like to help out occasionally when June and John are not attending any rides, functions or outings or would just like to put in an additional write-up, please let the Editor know – it would make life so much easier if there were just a few more ears and eyes to report back either by e-mail or hand-written.  All that is required is a breakdown of the day, funny bits as well, and your Editor will do the rest. It’s a lonely job when nobody talks to you!!!!   Many tah’s.




Fri/Sat, 9 & 12 May 2008               National Rally 2008, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire


Saturday, 24 May 2008                  Kempton Park, Classic Bike Show


Tuesday, 27 May 2008                  Club Run, Dog & Duck, Kingsfold - Depart  8pm

                                                            Please note change of venue

                                                            Make sure you have a full tank of petrol.


Sunday, 8 June 2008                     Eastbourne Lions Classic M/C Rally & Run  

                                                            Make sure you have a full tank of petrol.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008                 Club Run, The Sportsman, Mogador – Depart  8pm

                                                            Make sure you have a full tank of petrol.


Remember to look at the Notice Board for extra news and trips.


Save your old stamps for Mog.

Last but not least – keep your Editor busy

June F



Mighty South London Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club

We are the founder branch of the TOMCC founded in 1949 by a group of Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts in the South London area.  To this day, we hold regular meets and organise and participate in a wide range of activities such as runs (local, national and international) and country shows and most importantly, we enjoy our bikes in the company of like-minded people.


For more information also see our website or just come along to one of our club meets.



Princess of Wales             From 8.30 pm

98 Morden Road                          Runs leave the pub at 8.00pm sharp

London SW19 3BP                     every 4th Tuesday of the month (April-Sept)

020 8542 0573                            Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol



Chairman                                Mog Pharoah                     020 8947 7727 (day)

Treasurer                                Malcolm Orpin                   020 8640 2608

Secretary                                Doddie Kent                      020 8660 5227

Membership Secretary       Dave Kent                          Ditto

Show Secretary                    John Flower                      020 942 9976

Social Secretary                   Bob Simmonds                 020 8669 0921

Runs Leader                          Brian Peters                       01737 551762

Regalia                                    Robin Maynard                 020 8224 7421

TT Editor                               June Flower              

Website Administrator      Position Vacant                      Position Vacant