Photo Gallery 2001

Coach Trip - Autumn 2001

The trusted Coach dennis & brenda Elvis lives Mac, Teresa, Mog & Em
Mike, Brenda, Debbie, Paul sandy, donna    
Vallance Byways Show, Gatwick - June 2001
A very hot two day show including static aircraft, stalls, traction engines - moving ones too!
And much much more including the MSL stand and bikes
MSL stand with arena view Matters of Import This is Malcolm's shirt Some dress safely & are hot

Some less so (Mick) New bikes can be heavy Dismantling starts & All fits into one trailer
Surrey Oaks Club Run - June 2001
A hot summer's night and the MSL head out to a Surrey pub picking up the BSA Owners Club on the way. Forty (40) bikes were eventually welcomed to a usually quiet country pub.
Unleashed from the King's Head car park The full pack hit the A217 Cautiously round the Dorking Road roundabout Pub car park & head for the watering hole
and respect to the BSA owners club